Andrei Constantinescu
PhD candidate - Genetic epidemiology - Data science


I am a 4th year GW4BioMed PhD candidate at the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit, University of Bristol.

My project is focused on the relationship between blood cell traits (BCTs) and disease. These BCTs are commonly measured in a routine blood test e.g. eosinophil count or mean haemoglobin levels.

I use R, Python and statistics to combine methods in genetics and data science that allow me to conduct cutting-edge research.

I am currently based in Bristol, a great city to do a PhD in. It has a vibrant and diverse community, with many interesting and unique places to visit.

This is a personal website where I share some of the projects I have worked on during my trip to the outer boundaries of what is known in science.

I am currently undertaking a 6-month Post-doc at the University of Oxford's Big Data Institute.


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